Monday, January 5, 2015

| R4ND0M | * Maybelline Baby Lips.

I have used a few Maybelline beauty products such as the concealer, mascara and eyeliner.
Maybelline's eye liner and mascara are my all time favourite!
Usually I only make up for my eyes and lips.
I can tell Maybelline's product always give me the satisfaction.

Recently, I was attracted by Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm.
I used to have a very dry lips with dead skin, and I always bleed, seriously.
I love lip stick, but I couldnt have the chance to use it because of my dry lips.
I only have chance to use lip gloss, lip balm.
And few months ago, a very hit cosmetics which is a transparent lip balm that will turns into pink/red depends on your body temperature.
That is really cool for me, I bought one and wanted to buy another one from Anna Sui but it was out of stock.
The thing is, those lip balm is like gel texture and very sticky.
It really annoys me when my hair stick on my lips and that is my all time problem, I believe most ladies faced that problem too.

I was always hoping for lip balm with colors, a real lip balm which is not with gel texture, and not sticky.
My skin is tan but I used to look pale. 
Back to my secondary school, I went to tuition and my teacher always ask me whether I am sick, like every week she would ask me the same question.
So i really wish to have a lip balm with a natural color that makes me look energetic and confident.


The black series were named Electro series whereas the colorful series were the normal series.


In the UK, there are some pharmacies doing buy 3 for 2 promotion for every beauty products and some are buy 1 and the second for half price.
It is really hard for me to make a decision whether which color I want.
So the promotion seems perfect for me.

These are what I get.
From left to right: Oh! Orange, Berry Bomb, Strike A Rose and Cherry Me.


It provides 8 hours of moisture with a hint of color. 
82% of healthier looking lips
82% of lips feel baby soft
81% of lips feel less dry
76% of lips look visibly renewed


According to the box, above statements were tested instrumentally and were assessment on 105 women. 

Since buy 1 and get the second for half price, one of my friend take Oh! Orange and the rest are mine.
I know right, I am crazy.
But I really lost control when I see all the colors.
I already tried my best to cut down the others. 

For now, I have tried Cherry Me and I really satisfied with the colors and texture.
Seriously, it's not sticky and it's really a lip balm.

Although the product color looks very red, like a rose and sexy red but it's a lip balm, so it actually result with a smooth and natural color which I really like it. Besides, it really works effectively to moisture my lips and my lips look healthier and not dry.
As you can see from my lip at the above image, my lips look watery and moisture.
Maybelline will never fail me everytime I try their new products.

I will do another reviews for Berry Bomb and Strike A Rose.
I wish it will give me the color that I expect as well.

P/S: This is not a sponsored or an advertorial post, it's all from my personal opinion. 


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